NRF 2018 Recap: Innovative Retail Technology 

Posted by Jocelyn Schoolsky on Jan 30, 2018 1:05:16 PM
Jocelyn Schoolsky

Let’s be honest, NRF can be extremely overwhelming. To make it easier for you, I’ve rounded up a list of innovative technology players from this year’s NRF floor – most of which are new to the market. Consider these companies and their services as you plan your 2018 retail strategy. As we all know, if you aren’t innovating, you’re allowing your competition to eventually put you out of business. 

Retailers, take a peek:


Electronic Shelf Labeling is the new “it” technology. Pricer is the only company to offer the three fundamentals to store digitization: product positioning, device tracking and universal product/label flash. Best Buy is one of many major retailers to sign on with Pricer for their Electronic Shelf-Edge solutions. Nicole Nelson, Vice President at Best Buy said, “having electronic shelf labels in place allows employees to focus on serving customers instead of changing paper price tags.” In addition to the ESL solutions, Pricer has also combined wayfinding/product locator for large retail storefronts. Pricer’s wayfinding technology easily detects the physical location of shelf tags – for example, if you happen to move an item or tag from one aisle to another, its system will automatically update the location on your store map.


Founded in 2013, Cappasity’s cloud base platform allows businesses to easily create and embed 3D content into their websites and mobile apps. It’s no secret that retailers continuously struggle with minimizing returns and increasing conversions. Luckily, Cappasity is a perfect solution for retailers to boost conversion rates, significantly decrease the number of returns and better engage emotionally with their customers. The Cappasity platform serves more than one million views of 3D content each month and only takes two minutes to create a single 3D with your standard photo equipment. Read more about these comprehensive AR, VR and 3D offerings at

Avery Dennison

Avery Display Window

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always referred to Avery Dennison as the “hello my name is” label guys. That is, until NRF 2018. Avery Dennison’s Intelligent Label Technology and Dynamic Display Window is changing the retail game. Implementing RFID tags allow for better inventory accuracy and increased consumer loyalty. The company has partnered with designers like Rochambeau and Rebecca Minkoff to create both jackets and handbags that interactively engage with customers through a RFID tag or QR code. This technology allows both retailers to offer personalized content, special offers, recommendations and loyalty rewards while promoting repeated brand interaction.

Avery Dennison also launched its new Dynamic Display Window system at Retail’s Big Show. The innovative window technology enables retailers to turn lifeless display windows into beautiful digital advertising displays. Screens can project anything from promotional offers to trending items, all while enhancing the consumer experience.

Bond Handwritten Notes

When was the last time you received a handwritten thank you note or letter from your favorite brand or business? Chances are it hasn’t happened or the occurrence has been very rare. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, its that customers love feeling valued, and one way to demonstrate this is with personalized mail. Bond’s technology allows any type of business to make a personal impression through handwritten notes. And while Bond uses your handwriting, it saves you from that inevitable hand cramp. Once you’ve typed and sent your message, Bond’s robots will handwrite your notes by holding an actual pen to paper. Then it adds a stamp and USPS makes sure it reaches your recipient.

Revieve Inc.

Beauty is likely the most personal vertical in the retail space. The beauty consumer expects retailers and brands to offer the same level of personalization both in-store and online. Revieve offers two solutions, one for skincare and the other for makeup. The company’s skincare solution analyzes skin concerns like wrinkles, eye bags, redness and pigmentation based on a shopper’s selfie. Based on the results, a brand can provide its shopper with personalized skincare routines and product recommendations. Similar to skincare, the makeup analyzer discovers perfect products based on undertone, eye color, facial shape and skin concerns. Once matched, retailers can complete the customer experience by allowing your shoppers to try on the suggested products through augmented reality.

Notable mentions:


Facenote is a state of the art AI facial recognition platform that identifies your customer in real time. Brands like Studio F and Melissa are utilizing Facenote’s technology to personalize and improve customers’ in-store shopping experience.


FINDMINE’s “Complete the Look” technology enables retailers and brands to complete outfits around each product. With over 4.5M requests for outfits per day, it’s no wonder why retailers like MILLY and John Varvatos are leveraging FINDMINE to increase conversion rates.

FINDMINE Complete The Look



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