The On-Demand Revolution is Just Down the Road

Posted by GPShopper Press Coverage on Mar 4, 2015 10:00:00 AM
GPShopper Press Coverage


Article in: GeoMarketing's #GeoMind

Written by: Alex Muller

CEO and Co-founder of GPShopper, Alex Muller talks about investing in mobile app strategy to ensure it can support this new on-demand style of consumer.

Alex opens with the growing popularity of the "real-time, location-based component" to consumerism and how brands are embracing these interactions to drive consumer behavior. “Over the last few years, consumers have started to adopt an “on-demand” mentality." He mentions Uber, Fandango, OpenTable and Twitter as influencers. 

“This shift towards the on-demand business model generates dynamic pricing, which can drive incremental revenue for service items, restaurants and other places where the value of a product is constrained by peak times.” 


Muller emphasizes the importance of proximity, personalization, and responsiveness to increase revenue and enhance the customer experience. “Connecting willing consumers to available service providers is dependent upon your retail locations, your consumer, and the context between both of those factors."

Touching on the consumer's expectation of on-demand services, “Location is an element that not only matters for the retailer or service provider, it is actually vital to growing business and breaking away from the competition.”

Alex affirms that getting this right means connecting to new consumers who may not have otherwise purchased your goods and that the opportunity to gain traction in shifting market places is proof that investing in mobile app strategy is beneficial to supporting this new on-demand style of consumer.

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