Consumer Distractions In Your Retail Store: Wait, It's a Good Thing?

Posted by Lauren Hand on Feb 3, 2015 10:16:00 AM
Lauren Hand

We live in a world of “now”. Each and every one of your desires can become a reality with the tap or swipe of your finger - Streaming entertainment, finding directions, up-to-the-second new updates, purchasing that perfect little dress.This wealth of opportunites is wonderful, but with it comes a majorly increased likelihood of distraction.

Smart marketers are reframing the formerly nasty D word in a positive light, actually baking it into their marketing plans, striving to capture their distracted customer. It's not as difficult as it sounds once you know this: Most consumers start with mobile.

Yup! According to Google, about 65% of purchases start with a smartphone before moving on to another device. Here are two ways to leverage the mobile-first notion: 

  1. Think about the in-store experience. 
    Retailers can leverage apps by allowing consumers to redeem rewards, mobile payments or way finding on mobile. By harnessing mobile to accompany in-store experiences, retailers can keep consumers focused on the shopping experience. If retailers are keeping information on their mobile apps relevant to the in-store experience, the phone becomes a shopping companion, rather than the store's greatest competitor.

  1. Mind the intent to purchase gap. 
    A recent study found that mobile shoppers were 160% more likely to convert than simply using a responsive site. According to an analytics manager at NetElixir, “With mobile commerce, the gap between intent to purchase and actual purchase is very small. If I think of a book, I take out my smartphone and buy it now. But that period of time between intent and actual purchase greatly increases with PC shopping.” In other words, mobile can eliminate the consumer distractions that might fill this gap. gpshopper_beacon_cpg


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