Strawberry's Early Embrace of Geo-Targeting

Posted by GPShopper Press Coverage on Oct 28, 2014 11:14:00 AM
GPShopper Press Coverage
Written by Nicole Spector

A Juicy Find In The Big City
Strawberry, a retailer focused on women's clothing, shoes, and accessories, can be found throughout the Northeast, but has its highest concentration of locations in NYC. The chain holds special appeal for discount shoppers – a pair of boots retailing for $100 at Nordstrom may be only $60 here.

An Early Bird On Mobile
Back in 2006, when most retailers were still scratching their heads at the emergence of mobile as an advertising medium, Strawberry was avidly scoping out the opportunities. That fall, it partnered with mobile retail platform GPShopper to roll out geo-targeted SMS campaigns.

The Original Opt-In
GPShopper helped to build a range of location- and text-based ads for the retailer. Shoppers that opted-in to Strawberry’s app were able to receive alerts about products and other in-store promotions via text message.

Vintage Geo-Targeting
Mind you, this was over 8 years ago, so "geo-targeting" was a less than precise science... Mobile users were targeted not based on their current physical location (which is how GPShopper, with its beacon technology, would target them today), but by the street address they provided Strawberry upon opting in.

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