The 3 Most Important App Features for Black Friday Retail

Posted by Lauren Hand on Nov 17, 2015 9:30:00 AM
Lauren Hand

Black Friday is arguably the most important day of the holiday season for retailers. In addition to reaping the benefits of load and scale testing, retailers will see traffic spikes across their ecommerce site, mobile site and mobile app.

Crashes not only result in missed opportunities and lost revenue; digital frustrations leads to weakened customer loyalty. The focus for Black Friday weekend is to not only get the sale, but to save the sale - with 3 simple mobile app features.

  1. Turn Lines into Commerce Opportunities
    Use geo-fenced push notifications to deliver special offers to in-store shoppers waiting in the checkout line. This rewards them for their brand dedication and decreases purchase abandonment. Teasing your customer base with the promise of special offers like these is a great way to convert shoppers to download your app.

  2. Save the Sale
    Local inventory may run out, but using the barcode scanning feature in your mobile app ensures that shoppers can still purchase the products they want from the website. Added bonus: this decreases showrooming to your competitors.

  3. Segment Your Messaging
    Time-based push notifications are extremely successful with out-and-about shoppers during this busy retail weekend. Additionally, segmenting users will increase the relevance of any push program.

For additional holiday tips and strategies, download GPShopper's 2015 Holiday Planning Calendar for retailers. 


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