The Age of The Consumer

Posted by Carolyn Bevacqua on Mar 20, 2015 11:00:00 AM

This is not our grandparent’s world nor is it the world our parents have tirelessly described where nearly 400,000 concertgoers showed up to hear 32 acts perform in August of 1969. Today, there is an app for that. 

Many of us are witnessing an extreme shift in consumerism from as recent as our childhoods. From the first cell phone to the flagship brick and mortar store Madmen so famously reminds us of. Today everything literally sits in the palm of our hand and everything we desire can be obtained with the simple tap of our finger. The cliché of the world existing at our fingertips has become a stark reality.

Mobile applications have turned consumerism on its side and with the use of brilliant programming and multichannel platforms, we, as consumers, finally possess the knowledge, the convenience, the voice we have always dreamed of- only this transition has come quicker and exists more seamlessly than the layman could have possibly imagined.

photodune-4378676-shopping-people-crowd-at-marketplace-sThe days of waiting on endless lines before Christmas are replaced with the same opportunities only we get to customize the environment; we now dictate and personalize the experience we have with every single brand we interact with.

Store hours are a thing of the past. Looking at a tag for fabric information is replaced with a handy specs screen populated with all the information you could possibly want. Sales associates don’t need to carry a tape measure or hold their breath while guessing our size. Size charts have allowed us to take control of this very touchy and personal matter. Comments like, “it looked good on the hanger” no longer apply because we can sit in our living room and watch our dream dress stroll down the runway before our very eyes- showing us the flow of the fabric, the lines, the fit on an actual human body.

Cutting coupons is a pastime we can share with our grandkids along with breaking news of havoc on Black Friday. Hailing a cab will endure in the classic New York of Annie Hall, as we summon our ride, sipping our final martini, knowing full well we have 6 minutes before Uber swoops in like the "new age white horse" we know so well from the fairy tales of our youth which exist now in the polaroids of a very distant lifetime.

photodune-7349650-young-businesswoman-pressing-colorful-mobile-app-icons-with-boke-sToday we have a voice, we can review, critique, give our feedback and finally they will listen. The consumer is empowered, as we should be. Booking a flight, making a dinner reservation, ordering take out, having cookies delivered at midnight, finding that cashmere sweater in my size across town before that big date, connecting with old friends from high school, meeting strangers from halfway around the world, adding to my wedding registry on the commute to work, listening to any band I can think of and learning about others who are similar, playing a mindless game to pass the time or catching up on my latest Netflix series. The possibilities are endless thanks to the mobile application.

You may have thought this was a passing fad but consumers have spoken and its about boarding this flight, joining the conversation, using your voice- for this is not your parent’s world.


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