The CIO & CMO Alliance: Grow It With A Mobile App

Posted by GPShopper on Apr 6, 2015 10:56:00 AM

It is no surprise that digital has become a reigning force in the marketing world. Adweek’s survey of CMOs 797suggests that 75% of a marketer’s budget will be allocated to digital. As digital marketing grows, the worlds of the CIO and CMO are closing in on each other. Traditionally, this has caused tension. CMOs are brand stewards, and often view technology as a way to activate innovative campaigns and reach consumers who are in the driver’s seat (think social media). In contrast, CIOs view technology in a much broader context, a way to increase the efficiency of an organization.

A successful digital strategy demands that these two come together. The perfect place to test drive? A mobile app launch. Here’s how in 3 simple steps to get you there:

  1. Share the same goals - Forrester and Forbes surveyed 308 marketing and tech management leaders in 2014. A key take away is the need for marketing and tech to develop a joint, strategic vision. This vision should be centered around your consumers. As Sheryl Pattek mentioned in her CMO blog, CIOs and CMOs should start with creating “joint digital business transformation, starting with mobile moments”. Mobile naturally lives between the worlds of marketing (consumer engagement) and IT’s worlds (infrastructure) equally.  

  2. Work together - This may seem obvious, but it can take you a long way to your goals. For example, launching an app with sophisticated location-based technology - like adidas’s Confirmed - benefits from the expertise of both camps. A CMO will see how this product can get shoes into the hands of customers faster and build a greater strategy around this (via social channels, email campaigns and in-store work) it. A CIO can troubleshoot how stores will implement this and how it seamlessly fits into the organization’s tech landscape. 

  3. Embrace the data - We have a goal. Where do we go with this? Digital provides a wealth of data, from real-time metrics on engagement to valuable insights on consumer purchasing habits. CIOs and CMOs should turn this veritable goldmine of data into results. A mobile app is the perfect sandbox for this. It opens up options. Are your consumers more likely to shop in store than online? Pack your app full of rich in-store experiences instead of commerce, from way finding to pick up in store options. Are you trying to build brand loyalty? Use your app to develop enhanced loyalty features. A mobile app gives you the flexibility to either have everything-but-the-kitchen-sink or hone in on a set of related features depending on your goals. 


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