Order On the Mobile App & Pick Up In Store - Grocery Shopping Made Easy

Posted by Elizabeth Hoffman on Apr 18, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Grocery shopping, as anyone knows, can be a real chore! If only we didn't need to eat right?

What makes the grocery industry so unique is that the majority of business is made up by repeat orders and weekly visits by customers. Today's grocers are trying to help consumers out by making that experience as seamless and frictionless as possible, so consumers can get in, get their grocery items and get on with their busy lives.

Grocery chains both large and small can take notes from leading brands like Kroger and Walmart that are using mobile apps to engage with customers and make their shopping easier. Both Kroger and Walmart are now encouraging and enabling their customers to create grocery lists via mobile apps and take advantage of coupons or loyalty programs. Walmart is taking it one step further and enabling customers to place their grocery order via a mobile app for convenient pickup and delivery service. Talk about convenience!

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Join GPShopper at the RetailLoco Event at SXSW

Posted by Elizabeth Hoffman on Mar 8, 2016 9:30:00 AM

For the last 23 years, SXSW has provided a forum and venue for innovators and enthusiasts to show their creativity, collaborate, build on ideas and introduce new technologies to the world. Originally known as a birth place for new music and start-up ventures, SXSW Interactive has also proven to be an exciting forum to share new ideas for retail technology and adoption. Given that more retailers are challenged with how to create dynamic experiences to bring customers in-store and are now using technology to help solve these problems, SXSW is now emerging as an excellent resource for retailers.

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Lunds & Byerlys Build Repeat Business With Mobile

Posted by Elizabeth Hoffman on Feb 29, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Consumers are using their mobile devices for everything these days and grocery shopping is no exception. Over 59% of consumers are creating grocery shopping lists on their mobile device and using it in-store, leading to grocery chains like Kroger, to refresh their mobile app to cater to these trends. 

A leading high-end grocer, Lunds & Byerlys have also been using their native mobile app built by GPShopper to engage customers. They found that in 2015, 85% of weekly visits are returning visitors. What's more impressive is that the app receives over 14 minutes of engagement per user per month. That means Lunds & Byerlys is able to truly engage their consumers to build loyalty and repeat business. So how are they doing this?

Currently, 69% of grocery shoppers use mobile to save and access coupons in-store. Lunds & Byerlys paid attention to this and started to publish their weekly deals to their mobile app offering huge savings every Thursday. This has trained their customers to visit the app to check for these offers, causing traffic to spike on Thursdays. Checking the Lunds & Byerlys app has now become part of their customers weekly routine and allows Lunds & Byerlys to connect with them directly.


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NRF 2016 - what's hot this year

Posted by Elizabeth Hoffman on Jan 20, 2016 10:45:00 AM

The annual NRF Big Show is taking place this week in New York City, attracting thousands of retail leaders and innvoators from around the world. We've toured the exhibit hall and sessions to bring you the top items we think are changing the retail game in 2016.

Digital Cooler Displays

Ok, this company is cool. Emotive Digital is headquartered out of Seoul, Korea and may change the future of grocery and convenience shopping. This company creates digital displays on coolers and can show different messages based on a person's proximity, interests and mood. The display is interactive, so shoppers can look up a suggested product's nutritional information, recipe ideas and more. What's really unique is that it also includes full metrics analysis tracking everything from your facial expressions to what products are selected out of the display (shown below).


 If what they're showing you is displeasing, they can switch up the product or messaging. The smart combination of proximity marketing, interactive features and ability to read facial expressions could really be a game changer.


Robot Sales Associates

Businesses like RobotLab have been testing how consumers will react to robot's in-store. They've created a robot sales associate that listens and reacts to the consumer while they are speaking, such as turning their face toward you and responding in a friendly way to engage shoppers and provide assistance. It's fun to think of what this may mean for the future and how consumers can be helped in-store if they don't necessarily want to interact with people.


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Kroger's Mobile App Success Proves the Move to Mobile

Posted by Elizabeth Hoffman on Jan 7, 2016 9:30:00 AM

Kroger's mobile app has been making a splash lately with recent updates that included adding location-based shopping lists, weekly offers and more that demonstrate a shift in the way the grocery industry should utilize mobile.

In this week's Mobile Commerce Daily, Kroger's mobile app refresh signifies the move for more grocers to update their mobile presence and app functionality. Americans are referring to their mobile device more and more for all of their shopping needs and grocery is no exception. A study conducted by NinthDecimal Mobile Audience found that consumers are repeately using their mobile to complete their weekly grocery shopping in order to reserach products, check prices and access coupons. 

  • Grocer Mobile App.jpg59% of consumers use their mobile device for shopping lists
  • 68% use thier mobile to discover new products
  • 69% use mobile to save and access coupons in store
  • 35% browse recipes 

The grocery retail giant Kroger recognized these trends and moved quickly to capitalize on them by updating their app before the competition. Their newly launched app now automatically saves grocery list items and displays the aisle location of each product.

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