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Posted by Elizabeth Hoffman on Sep 1, 2016 10:30:00 AM

The holiday season is around the corner and as 2016 has shown us, retailers are under enormous pressure to increase revenue across all channels. Demandware's recent Mobile Shopping Focus Report found that 60% of traffic to e-commerce sites will come from phones by the end of 2017 - leading Bloomberg to declare that online shopping is officially moving from mobile first, to mobile only. 

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From Mobile First, To Mobile Only - Your Holiday Mobile Guide

Posted by Elizabeth Hoffman on Aug 4, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Last week, Demandware's popular Mobile Shopping Focus Report made a significant splash in retail news, with well respected publications like Bloomberg Technology agreeing that consumers are moving from 'mobile first' to 'mobile only'. The report gathered insight from over 400 million shoppers and found that smartphones are overtaking computers as a top e-commerce traffic source, more baskets are being created on phones, and that mobile shopping behavior is upending traditional performance metrics. 

  • Mobile conversion has risen dramatically, up 70% since 2013
  • 60% of traffic to e-commerce sites will come from phones by the end of 2017
  • 38% of baskets are created on phones - by the end of 2016, shoppers will create more baskets on phones than on computers or tables
  • AOV's for app buyers is 50% higher than using the mobile site alone
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5 Guaranteed Ways to Ring Up Holiday Sales with Mobile

Posted by Elizabeth Hoffman on Jun 15, 2016 2:30:00 PM

The holiday season is changing, it's happening before Black Friday and it's taking place on mobile. Take last year for example, consumers spent over $1 Billion from their mobile devices on Black Friday alone! Retailers today can't afford to miss out on that $1 Billion pie and that number is only going to grow higher. In fact, 80% of shoppers ages 18-54 plan to use mobile for their holiday shopping needs this season.

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Challenges with Mobile Marketing for the Luxury Retail Market

Posted by GPShopper Press Coverage on May 4, 2016 9:30:00 AM

Luxury-Institute-Logo.jpgCreating humanistic and emotional connections with clients must be the top priority of luxury marketing and communication, according to executives from top retailers, agencies, and major luxury brands at a recent Luxury Client Experience Board meeting in New York.

The group of leading industry experts engaged in insightful and lively discussion regarding the current and future state of marketing and communications in the luxury industry. The discussion addressed an array of factors that contribute to the success of brands' efforts to achieve meaningful connections with clients, including the influence of social media, the degree of omni-channel integration, and the evolving roles of front-line sales professionals and brick-and-mortar stores.

Evolving Technology

"The most pressing challenges for luxury firms are boosting rates of customer acquisition and retention, which ultimately lead to growth in sales and profits," says Milton Pedraza, LCEB co-founder and CEO of the Luxury Institute. "Technology today presents an immense opportunity for targeting potential customers, but it is ultimately the intimate humanistic relationships that sales professionals form with customers that keep them coming back."

"Marketing to luxury buyers is continuing to evolve under pressure from the myriad of new web and mobile channels," says Laurent Ohana, Senior Advisor at Ohana & Co. "The investment in stores and sales associates is turning out to be a major advantage and differentiator for luxury brands, provided they have the tools and training to reinforce the brand value at every customer touch point."

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NRF 2016 - what's hot this year

Posted by Elizabeth Hoffman on Jan 20, 2016 10:45:00 AM

The annual NRF Big Show is taking place this week in New York City, attracting thousands of retail leaders and innvoators from around the world. We've toured the exhibit hall and sessions to bring you the top items we think are changing the retail game in 2016.

Digital Cooler Displays

Ok, this company is cool. Emotive Digital is headquartered out of Seoul, Korea and may change the future of grocery and convenience shopping. This company creates digital displays on coolers and can show different messages based on a person's proximity, interests and mood. The display is interactive, so shoppers can look up a suggested product's nutritional information, recipe ideas and more. What's really unique is that it also includes full metrics analysis tracking everything from your facial expressions to what products are selected out of the display (shown below).


 If what they're showing you is displeasing, they can switch up the product or messaging. The smart combination of proximity marketing, interactive features and ability to read facial expressions could really be a game changer.


Robot Sales Associates

Businesses like RobotLab have been testing how consumers will react to robot's in-store. They've created a robot sales associate that listens and reacts to the consumer while they are speaking, such as turning their face toward you and responding in a friendly way to engage shoppers and provide assistance. It's fun to think of what this may mean for the future and how consumers can be helped in-store if they don't necessarily want to interact with people.


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