GPShopper's "Ludicrous Mode" Increases App Speed by 1200%

Posted by Lauren Hand on Jul 28, 2017 9:51:25 AM

We recently announced the launch of GPShopper Platform 4.5, which allows retail clients more control of their apps and enhances the user shopping experience with speed, personalization and a direct line for feedback. The most buzzed about feature with the Platform 4.5 update is Ludicrous Mode - creating apps so fast, they're barely legal.

Ludicrous Mode uses intelligent fetching & caching of content to display category browse results and product detail pages instantaneously (20 milliseconds to be exact, making it the fastest app load time on the market) for the ultimate end-user experience.

GPShopper clients such as boohoo are taking advantage of the innovative new technology, and with an impressive 1200% speed increase on the shopping experience, app users are navigating through the app and buying with nearly no delays or spinners. This order of magnitude improvement in speed and user experience is the result of proprietary caching strategy.  

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Over One Third of Consumers Typically Feel Nothing When Shopping In-Store

Posted by GPShopper on Jun 21, 2017 9:25:50 AM

New GPShopper report uncovers consumers reaction to today’s shopping experience

GPShopper, the leading mobile commerce and engagement platform for retailers that want to create custom app experiences for customers, released its “Reality of Retail: Consumer Connection” report that found more than one third of consumers typically feel nothing when asked what their initial reaction was when shopping in-store. 

The study, conducted online with third party research firm YouGov, looks at not only how consumers who own a smartphone feel about the current in-store experience, but what innovations they want retailers to incorporate– whether digital or physical. 

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GPShopper’s consumer emotion matrix measures how American shoppers typically feel when shopping in-store.

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Can VR Sell Gear? Survey Says "Yes"

Posted by Aaron Miller on Mar 13, 2017 11:10:16 AM

The retail shopping experience is incredibly dynamic and ever-changing. Technological innovations impact every facet of the shopping experience. When used effectively, cutting edge technology can be used to increase conversion rates and to further cement brand loyalty.

Imagine you are in a store that sells surfing apparel and equipment. The only issue is that it is below freezing outside. Welcome virtual reality, the apparatus to transport the shopper into the optimal buying mood. The in-store experience becomes that much more personalized and unique to the individual shopper.

GPShopper's latest research shows that virtual reality is high on the consumer consciousness scale (68%) but yet has not yet taken off in terms of retail adoption. A pain point for the adoption of VR is that it requires special headsets and hardware. There is, however, a catch-22 of the in-store retail experience. Retailers struggle to justify spending on in-store innovative technology because consumers are increasingly buying more online. At the same time, people have become more resistent to going to stores because the experience is subpar and non-differentiated.

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Topics: Mobile Marketing, Market Research, Benchmarks & Statistics, Omnichannel Retail, Best Practices, Lifestyle Retail

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