A.C. Moore Improves App Engagement with GPShopper's Mobile Platform

Posted by Lauren Hand on Mar 8, 2017 9:37:04 AM

- Crafting app receives 15,000+ downloads in first four days of relaunch -

NEW YORK, NY, March 8, 2017 – Leading arts and crafts retailer, A.C. Moore, recently partnered with mobile app engagement platform, GPShopper, to relaunch its mobile application on both iOS and Android. The relaunch served to engage the retailer’s most loyal customers and bridge the gap between the physical and digital shopping worlds by offering a mobile reward card to loyalty members and promotions to in-store shoppers. 

Prior to the relaunch, A.C. Moore fielded an influx of customer requests for a new app experience by cultivating excitement around the upcoming release via e-mail blasts to rewards members, announcements on its social channels, in-store signage and overhead broadcasts, ads in the company’s print circular, and leveraging store associates as app ambassadors. The pre-launch buzz that A.C Moore created was a success: Within the first four days of relaunch, the app received over 15,000 downloads – more than five times the industry average.

“With this new iteration of our mobile app, we wanted to drive engagement, loyalty and in-store traffic,” said Anthony Piperno, Chief Marketing and Merchandising Officer of A.C. Moore. “The GPShopper platform was a natural choice to reach and exceed these goals.”

“The craft industry boasts one of the most enthusiastic customer bases in retail,” said Alex Muller, GPShopper’s CEO and Co-Founder. “We are excited to support A.C. Moore in further engaging its loyal following and building a successful omnichannel strategy.”

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Focusing on The Selfish Holiday Shopper

Posted by Lauren Hand on Dec 14, 2016 2:19:48 PM

The holiday retail season brings an overwhelming increase in traffic - in-store, online, via mobile. Mobile marketers have so many opportunities for increased acquisition, engagement and revenue from customers looking for gifts, but one key demographic that shouldn't be overlook is the shopper in search of the perfect holiday outfit.

Especially from December 26th through New Year's Eve, retailers - particulary those in women's fashion - should be focusing on "The Selfish Shopper." This key audience shifts quickly from gift-giving to their New Year's Eve plans, and more importantly, what they'll be wearing.

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Huffington Post: No More Door Busters

Posted by Maya Mikhailov on Nov 23, 2016 1:13:11 PM

Article in Huffington Post
Written by Maya Mikhailov

Americans are more likely to be hitting the snooze button this Friday than getting up and in line for Black Friday door busters. The 71 percent of consumers sleeping with their smartphones under their pillow don’t need to go any further than the breakfast table for a good deal this year. Why go to the mall when they can go to their mobile devices for all their holiday sales needs?

The holiday shopping season is about to officially kick off and most consumers aren’t even going to wait until their Thanksgiving meals are over to tap into all the promotions lighting up their smartphones. Instead of door busters, they’re going to be looking for screen busters. In fact, in 2015, GPShopper’s clients saw a 241 percent increase in visits to their app and a nearly 400 percent revenue increase on Thanksgiving Day. After a year of steady mobile retail growth in general, it’s hard to ignore this shifting trend that favors phones over physical stores on what has become the biggest shopping day of the year.

Smart retailers aren’t glazing over this evolving trend either. In fact, they’re shifting their strategies to match consumer behavior, knowing the opportunity to reach shoppers now lies with Thanksgiving day itself rather than Black Friday and officially embracing the earlier start to the shopping season.

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3 Ways Retailers Will Increase Sales on Thanksgiving Day

Posted by Lauren Hand on Nov 22, 2016 10:26:33 AM

Nielsen, Flurry (Yahoo) and comScore data all agree that nearly 90% of smartphone user time is spent in apps, not on mobile websites. At no time is this more true than when they are looking to entertain themselves in down-time - and there's never more down-time than during airport delays, long road trips, or the Thanksgiving Day post-turkey lull. 

We see tremendous spikes in video engagement on Thanksgiving, especially in the late afternoon and early evening hours. Smart retailers will be taking advantage of this opportunity on Thanksgiving Day to push out Black Friday deal previews and gift idea alerts. 

  1. Sneak Peeks
    Get shoppers excited with Interactive Push Notifications showcasing products and special offers.
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3 Must-Have App Features for Retailers on Black Friday

Posted by Lauren Hand on Nov 8, 2016 11:55:04 AM

Black Friday is arguably the most important day of the holiday season for retailers. In addition to reaping the benefits of load and scale testing, retailers will see traffic spikes across their ecommerce site, mobile site and mobile app. Crashes not only result in missed opportunities and lost revenue; digital frustrations lead to weakened customer loyalty.

The focus for retailers on Black Friday weekend is to not only get the sale, but to save the sale - with 3 simple mobile app features.

  1. Turn Lines into Commerce Opportunities
    Use geo-fenced push notifications to deliver special offers to in-store shoppers waiting in the checkout line. This rewards them for their brand dedication and decreases purchase abandonment. Teasing your customer base with the promise of special offers like these is a great way to convert shoppers to download your app.

  2. Save the Sale
    Local inventory may run out, but using the barcode scanning feature in your mobile app ensures that shoppers can still purchase the products they want from the website. Added bonus: this decreases showrooming to your competitors.

  3. Segment Your Messaging
    Time-based push notifications are extremely successful with out-and-about shoppers during this busy retail weekend. Additionally, segmenting users will increase the relevance of any push program.
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