The 4 Ways Consumers Want to Use the Apple Watch for Retail

Posted by Lauren Hand on Jun 27, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Consumers aren’t gravitating to the Apple Watch for pricey purchases, but instead want Apple Watch apps that complement the shopping experience they have with retailers and brands both digitally and in-store.

Ahead of this year's WWDC, we conducted a survey of over 2,000 consumers with third party research firm YouGov. The research revealed not only American consumers’ attitudes towards purchasing via the Apple Watch, but how they would like to see it evolve into the broader scope of their interactions with retailers and brands.

For instance, consumers see Apple Watch as a gateway to impulse purchases, would rather get access to coupons and loyalty programs instead.  

If retailers and brands want to drive these small but frequent purchases they need to offer other ways of engagement like coupons, access to loyalty programs and customer service on their Apple Watch apps and create a complete app experience.

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How Brands Can Conquer Apple Watch Retailing Via Coupons, Loyalty

Posted by GPShopper Press Coverage on Jun 16, 2016 9:30:00 AM

Article in Mobile Commerce Daily
Written by Alex Samuely

Although the art of purchasing via Apple Watch applications has not yet reached its zenith – with 24 percent of consumers wary of making impulse buys on the wearable – retailers can fuel sales by offering in-store shoppers easy access to coupons and loyalty programs, according to a GPShopper report.

The report, “Cracking the Mobile Code: The Apple Watch and Retail,” revealed that 23 percent of Americans would consider purchasing the next incarnation of the Apple Watch, although nearly 24 percent of that group would refrain from buying products on it, due to concerns about making an impulsive purchase. Although the Apple Watch may not serve as the most lucrative primary purchasing channel, retailers can still leverage their wearable-friendly apps by making coupons and loyalty rewards easily accessible for individuals needing an incentive to make an in-store purchase.

“The most critical takeaway that retailers need to pay attention to is that people are interested in buying the Apple Watch but, at this point, they just aren’t looking to make sizable purchases on the device,” said Maya Mikhailov, co-founder and chief marketing officer of GPShopper. “The fact that 63 percent of consumers wouldn’t spend more than $100 on the Apple Watch should be a wake-up call for retailers that have Apple Watch apps or are in the process of developing one.

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Can Apple Flick the Android-to-iPhone Switch at WWDC 2016?

Posted by GPShopper Press Coverage on Jun 14, 2016 9:30:00 AM

Article in ComputerWorld
Written by Jonny Evans

We are seeing numerous surveys and Apple-related data points this week as the industry prepares for Apple’s WWDC. In sum they suggest Apple stands at a critical moment, while its potential to woo customers from other platforms now appears entrenched.

Strong interest in Watch 2

Apple may also take heart as a second survey from GPShopper offers positive insights for Apple’s smart watch -- 23% of consumers are considering getting the Apple Watch 2 when it is announced, with most willing to pay “at least” $300.

The survey also reveals potential for Apple to exploit iOS and Apple Watch in retail markets, through a combination of retail loyalty schemes and Apple Pay payments.

  • Nearly 1/4 of consumers wouldn’t make a purchase on the Apple Watch because they are worried it would be an impulse purchase.
  • 63% of consumers wouldn’t make a purchase for more than $100 through the Apple Watch.
  • Consumers are more likely to engage with a brand’s app on the watch if they can do things like get coupons (41%) or access customer loyalty programs (32%).
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(WWD) Retailers: Apple Watch Users Want Coupons, Loyalty Programs

Posted by GPShopper Press Coverage on Jun 9, 2016 10:49:34 AM

Article in WWD
Written by Maghan McDowell

Just as retailers are getting the hang of incorporating smartphones into the physical shopping experience, the tech world has been developing another tool affecting the digital-physical divide: the smartwatch.

But while the mobile phone has been lauded for its potential to facilitate a sale, the smartwatch looks, for now at least, to be a key tool in building customer loyalty, according to recent research commissioned by GPShopper.

GPShopper, which builds custom apps for retailers such as Steve Madden and Bebe, worked with research firm YouGov to survey consumers about shopping with an Apple Watch. They found that rather than making impulse purchases, customers would prefer to use an Apple Watch for coupons and loyalty programs.

Researchers surveyed 2,037 adults online and found that 23 percent of Americans would consider buying the next version of the Apple Watch. Of those consumers, 41 percent would most likely engage with a brand’s Apple Watch app if they could get coupons, and 32 percent would engage if they could access customer loyalty programs.

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Technology Influences Eight of the Top 10 Retail Trends for 2016

Posted by GPShopper on Feb 22, 2016 2:32:29 PM
The retail environment is constantly changing with every new style, product and season. While change is often retailer and consumer-driven, technology is shaping eight of the top 10 trends expected to have the greatest impact on retail sales in 2016 in a market brief released last week by Synchrony Financial.

In analyzing the retail market, Synchrony Financial identified 26 trends, impacting retailers nationwide. The list was developed from ongoing retail and shopper research, and by tracking emerging and well established trends that continue to be important in the marketplace, as well as those impacting the payments space. Trends spanning multiple industries and categories relevant to its retail partners and cardholders were also reviewed.

Emerging from the research are 10 trends and retailer considerations compiled in Synchrony Financial’s latest brief, 10 Things to Know – the Top 10 Retail Trends for 2016. The increasing importance of technology in retail is reflected in most of the trends topping the list:

1. Wearable Technology: From headsets and smartwatches to fitness and health devices, wearable technology is being embraced by shoppers for ease of accessing product and store information, offers, and speed of payment.

2. New Retail Holidays: Looking beyond the standard calendar, retailers are linking sales to special observances and creating their own shopping holidays to attract new buyers and engage with existing customers to boost loyalty and repeat spending.

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