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Posted by GPShopper on Apr 17, 2015 10:31:00 AM

If there’s one constant in technology, it is that everything is up for innovation. From flip phones to touch screens, SMS to push notifications, new trends crop up that have the potential to change mobile. Here are 4 trends this year:


  1. Mobile Every Time: In 2016, over 2 billion people will be smartphone users and over 1 billion people will be tablet users. This growth means that more and more people are using mobile devices - phones, Screen_Shot_2015-04-16_at_10.30.05_AMphablets, tablets - to get online. Mobile will no longer take a backseat to desktop in design. As retailers consider what works best for them in responsive websites, apps and emails, mobile design will need to be at the table from the start to match a consumer’s needs
  2. A New Kind of Flat: iOS 7 marked a shift to flat design. Flat design is characterized by simplifying elements with a focus on functionality. While design continually changes, flat design has not trended out. This year, we will see an introduction to subtle dimensionality through gradients and layering. Users will see current views layered on top of their previous view, giving a more contextual experience.
  3. Slippery UX: “Sticky” UX has reigned supreme. These experiences are designed to get users to “stick”. 2015 will see the advent of “slippery” UX, characterized by being minimally invasive that keeps users connected. One of the best examples of this is the rise in smart watches, where small, meaningful interactions like a mild vibration for a missed call allow users to be digitally connected without disrupting their analog experiences. 

  4. Tiles: As digital marketing becomes more content driven, tiles are an effective UI to create a narrative through short, cognitively easy chunks of information. Tiles also give retailers the chance to focus on up and coming products. The other advantage of tiles is that they play nice with ever shifting screen sizes, including smart watches.




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