Furnishing The Buyer Experience With AR

Posted by Elizabeth Hoffman on Mar 16, 2017 12:41:00 PM
Elizabeth Hoffman

There's a lot of new fancy technology in retail these days - with retailers attempting to outdo each other with new gadgets, virtual reality tools and more - but is that what consumers really want?

It really depends on what the consumer is looking for and the type of industry you are in. Retailers that sell hard goods and furniture stand to benefit from enhancing the in-store shopping experience. A great way to do that is to use augmented reality as a tool to personalize the shopping experience like never before and to drum up excitement about the possibilities your products can offer.

IKEA-augmented-reality-app-catalogue-01.jpgIkea is one retailer that has been testing out the uses of Augmented Reality to help consumers visualize new looks in their home (as shown above). They piloted their virtual reality app in 2016 focusing on the virtual kitchen experience so consumers could explore the possible uses of new technology and furnishings in their home - as a way to empower consumers to be creative and engage in new possibilities.

We conducted a research survey by YouGov to poll over 1,100 American shoppers and better understand their use of technology in retail. Our research showed that 58% of consumers want to use AR to see how something may look in their home before buying and 50% want to use it gain additional information about a product such as materials being used. This fits in perfectly with what a furniture retailer may want to offer. What better way is there to seal the deal with a customer looking to redesign their living room? Customers come into stores now and debate with their spouse or friends about what would actually look right in their home. Imagine, instead of having to make believe, they can see how a loveseat and coffee table may go together in their current setting? If they can move things around and see how it looks in their home with a particular set of curtains or with different colors, it doesn't just put their mind at ease, it gets them excited and more likely to commit to purchase. 

Want to learn more on the real use of tech in retail? Download the full Reality of Retail Tech report by clicking on the link below.

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