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Posted by Elizabeth Hoffman on Feb 25, 2016 9:00:00 AM
Elizabeth Hoffman

Charlotte-Russe-Screenshots.pngIf you've been reading our latest blog post series by Maya Mikhailov on how to build a successful mobile app strategy for 2016, you know that mobile's influence on this last holiday season was huge. Nearly $1 billion dollars in sales came through mobile on black Friday alone! 

Consumer spend through mobile devices are one thing, but did you know you can actually reach consumers through their mobile device to increase traffic to your brick and mortar locations? You can, if you do it right.

Today's consumers are jaded and mobile offers the convenience factor that shoppers have come to expect. They are able to search for products, view trends and purchase items immediately from the palm of their hand, wherever they are, but that doesn't mean experiences are lost on them. Shoppers still want experiences that are valuable and worth sharing. Additionally, for apparel specifically, shoppers still want to try on items, touch fabrics, feel sweaters and see what a color may look like on them in person. There's only so much one can do from your mobile device, which creates an opportunity for retailers.


3007466_True-Religion-1.jpgConnecting your stores with mobile devices and a mobile app strategy can help complete the customer journey and satisfy the experience they crave. Some examples of this may be found by True Religion, which has armed their sales associates with iWatches that can pull up customer data and preferences immediately and also connect to larger screens in the store to extend the aisle and cater to customers on-site. A brilliant move.

Other retailers like Charlotte Russe, have used their native mobile app built by GPShopper to use mobile app features that send out push notifications and relevant offers to targeted customers. By making mobile the center of their omni-channel, they've been able to generate 3.7 x more revenue in-stores than on the app itself. Additionally, thanks to targeted promotions and being able to use proximity marketing to advertise in-stock inventory, they were able to boost the profitability of a lower performing store into one that is now one of the most profitable in the region. 

Find out more about how a branded mobile app strategy by GPShopper can improve your retail business. Contact us today.

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