What are ‘Endless Aisles’?

Posted by Lauren Hand on Oct 17, 2014 12:43:00 PM
Lauren Hand

Retail outlets can no longer solely rely on great customer service and a welcoming brick-and-mortar store to meet all their customers’ needs. A mobile app is a great asset to be used as a complement with these two elements of the retail experience. 84% of app usage is happening in stores, which shows that app usage and store visits are no longer mutually exclusive.

In a physical store, shoppers use apps on their own mobile devices, and now store associates are often using smartphones or tablets to better serve their customers at the point of sale or while they browse the aisles.

Another way retailers are making use of mobile apps to better serve the in-store shopper is to strategically place tablet kiosks throughout the store - typically at the end of an aisle. This allows the consumer to explore product details and demos, read customer reviews, compare prices, receive similar product recommendations, or even pull up extensive inventory - perhaps a different color or size - that is not currently available in the store. This is the “Endless Aisle” experience.

Early adopters of the Endless Aisle, like GPShopper clients The North Face and bebe, provide another avenue to engage the customer, as well as “Save the Sale” that may otherwise go to a competitor with large store space (hence, increased ability to store inventory) or an online-only retailer like Amazon.com.

Endless Aisles create a frictionless consumer multi-channel experience that is beneficial for both retailer and consumer.

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