Why Every Retailer Needs A Mobile App

Posted by Lauren Hand on Mar 12, 2015 9:30:00 AM
Lauren Hand

A mobile strategy in today’s shopping landscape is crucial. It has evolved from text messaging to mobile web, to responsive web. The next logical step is a mobile application. Here are four reasons why every retailer needs a mobile app:

1. The Consumer has spoken.

In 2014, users spent 86% of their time in apps and only 14% of their time in mobile web. A mobile app lets consumers stay logged in, access enhanced functionality (like multiple wish lists, related products and in-store inventory) and offers a better user experience than mobile web. Mobile apps can also cache data and are less reliant on a good internet connection or wifi. The bottom line is they want it, with 66% of consumers more likely to shop from a retailer that has an app. 


 2. Apps increase conversion.

Apps serve a retailer’s most loyal audience. Order sizes in apps are 20% greater and conversion is three times more likely to happen than in mobile web. 

3. Push notifications.

Push notifications are every retailer’s dream. They offer a way to reach consumers when they are on the go. They increase engagement can drive traffic up 150% and increase conversion by 20% to 50%. Push notifications also offer endless flexibility, from global to user segmented to location-based. Whether retailers use one or all three, there is no doubt they are a value add.

4. In Store User Experience

The big thing that is already happening is the merging of digital and brick-and-mortar experiences for consumers. The evidence is stacked for this: app users tend to spend 20% more than in-store annually than those that do not have the app and 84% of users use their smartphones while in a store. Consumers are ready for beacons and in-store app marketing


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