Why Having a Mobile Commerce Platform Matters

Posted by Lauren Hand on Feb 4, 2015 11:37:00 AM
Lauren Hand

Mobile commerce and mobile marketing are no longer unfamiliar territory for most retailers. A wide variety of services exist to address different channels, from social media sharing to push notifications, responsive mobile web to native applications. As mobile becomes an increasingly important strategy for e-commerce and marketing, the mobile commerce platform is the cornerstone to tangible success.GPShopper_Platform.png

When mobile web first became a marketing medium, it was often constructed as an afterthought to the more traditional desktop site. As mobile sites evolved to responsive web, then eventually to mobile apps, it became clear that true success would be measured in much more than visits.

A mobile commerce platform can also deliver on two critical items that can make or break a successful mobile program: scalability and security. A platform can give you the flexibility to grow from 50,000 users to well over 200,000 that using multiple vendors cannot. This means that as a retailer's user base grows, loading photos, populating search results and commerce functionality can still be accommodated at optimal speeds. It also allows an application to be multi-lingual and source data from multiple product catalogs. Having a comprehensive mobile solution means that a platform can provide the architecture to ensure security across all features. This makes it easier to monitor and manage, as each layer will no longer need its own security system. 

How to choose a mobile platform? Put out an RFP to 4-8 mobile commerce vendors that lead in their market. Use expert analysis to build your short list, such as Forrester Research's Wave Report: Mobile Commerce & Engagement Platforms.

 When executed properly, a native mobile app delivers positive return on investment within the first year of its launch. This post will explain the sources of the ROI with the objective of helping eCommerce, Digital, Mobile and Marketing teams build a business case for investing in the addition of a mobile app.

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