Your Grandma Uses Mobile, Too

Posted by Bill Siwicki on Jun 16, 2015 9:32:00 AM
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Written by GPShopper's VP of Mobile Strategy & Research, Bill Siwicki 


Executives at retailers whose typical customers are “of a certain age” (i.e., old-ish, older, old) often can be heard saying things like, “Well, my demographic is not very mobile-friendly,” and, “Mobile is great for Karmaloop or Vans with 16-30 year olds, but not us.”

Well, these executives simply are wrong. And some new research shows why.

Following are the age range, the number of the 190.5 million smartphone users in the U.S. today in the range, and the number of the projected 219.8 million smartphone users in 2017 in the range, according to research firm eMarketer Inc. (numbers may not add up to total due to rounding):

  • 0-11, 3.8 million, 5.1 million
  • 12-17, 17.2 million, 19.7 million
  • 18-24, 27.1 million, 29.3 million
  • 25-34, 38.3 million, 43.2 million
  • 35-44, 34.0 million, 36.9 million
  • 45-54, 30.2 million, 34.8 million
  • 55-64, 24.4 million, 30.3 million
  • 65+, 15.5 million, 20.6 million

So today, 21% of smartphone users are age 55 or older, and 23% of smartphone owners will fall into that demographic in 2017. That’s a lot of grandparents and great grandparents with powerful mobile devices in hand.

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