GPShopper's Senior UX/UI Designer to Judge YSU Student App Designs

Posted by Lauren Hand on Apr 17, 2015 2:23:00 PM
Lauren Hand

On Thursday, April 23rd, from 2-5 PM, Assistant Professor, Robert J. Thompson's design students will be conducting mobile app design project presentations at Youngstown Business Incubator. As part of the class, the students' goal is to utilize mobile app development principles, practices, and available software to ‘invent’ their own app concept.

GPShopper's Senior UX/UI Designer Nomiki Petrolla will be the guest judge for the evening. 

Through this project, Assistant Professor Thompson will demonstrate the inventive power his students can have through the mobile app design process, further cultivate the presence of interactive design and technology in Youngstown, OH, and truly demonstrate that YSU design students can have a fantastic career while also influencing the interactive design field.  


Area design instructors, local entrepreneurs, and the general business community will come together for this event, and the 18 student presentations will be recorded and available on YouTube. The finalized work will also be posted on the YSU Department of Art homepage.  

The University will be tweeting live from the event at #InteractYO.

Student Q&A
What do you hope to achieve with this project?  “I hope to present my app concept as professionally as I can – which is really making me nervous since I’m early on in the Graphic & Interactive Design program…but I’m very excited about the opportunity to present it publicly.”Deanna Cameneti, YSU Student

What interests you about app design? “Being a dual major in Computer Science and Graphic Design, it’s interesting to me to be able to work on the front-end designs and then actually code those designs on the back-end. I’m experiencing a variety of distinct challenges from concept to completion. It’s difficult, but worthwhile.” - Kelly Barhorst, YSU Student


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