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WWD: As Men's Wear Skyrockets, Retailers Need to Reconsider Strategy

Posted by Maya Mikhailov on Apr 5, 2019 10:31:12 AM

Excerpt from WWD 
Written by Maya Mikhailov

Retail is constantly evolving, meaning retailers and brands alike are finding themselves re-strategizing and adjusting their priorities. With increased technology innovations and new demographics taking interest in fashion, we’ve witnessed the major rise and influence of men’s wear across retail.

The entire men’s wear market is expected to surpass women’s wear by 2021, and everyone from mainstream retailers like Nike to luxury fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton to celeb clothing lines like Yeezy are looking to capitalize on the trend. But this new demographic of shoppers and their corresponding influence across the industry presents a unique hurdle for retailers. Now they must figure out how to adjust their product offerings while also meaningfully engaging with male shoppers to garner the same success they’ve already achieved with women. 

The rise of men’s wear — an era of male fashion empowerment

Up until the early Aughts, men’s wear was centered around pricey suits and inexpensive leisurewear — the work uniform was your best suit and weekend wear was your favorite graphic or collared T-shirt. Ten years ago, the average man would spend anywhere between $200 to $1,000-plus on a suit and hundreds of dollars on ties to demonstrate their social prowess and career ambitions. Where business casual used to mean khakis and a button-down, today has evolved into a whole new look.

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The Modern CMO Dilemma: Finding Authenticity in Voice and Data

Posted by Maya Mikhailov on Oct 19, 2018 10:15:00 AM

The basis of being a successful marketer is the ability to connect to your customers. With the influx of technology we can now reach more customers today than ever before. We can segment our messaging with practically a 1-to-1 conversation, yet the simple connection we seek becomes harder to obtain. For a CMO at the helm marketing organization it’s easy to lose sight of your brand’s unique voice, especially when you are keeping up with the latest industry trends, mountains of data, and rigorous marketing processes.

The mark of a game-changing CMO is being able to talk to your customers and know what you are saying is real. It’s “real” when the conversation is authentic, and the data proves your point. Basically, the right side of side of your brain must talk using your true voice, while the left side of your brain has to look at the data to see if you are really connecting.

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Reframing Retail — Getting Underneath The Headlines And Hype

Posted by Maya Mikhailov on Apr 18, 2018 1:05:00 PM

Article in Retail Touchpoints

There isn’t an industry today devoid of technology. It has completely revolutionized the ways in which business gets done — from improving personalized customer knowledge through data, to reducing costs and increasing accuracy in supply chains, to using chatbots and other artificial intelligence (AI) to improve customer service.

For the consumer, tech has leveled the playing field — most immediately, from a customer service perspective. Treated unfairly on a flight? Tweet about it. Experience a product fail? Take pictures and email them to customer service. But the extent of retailers’ technological support cannot just emerge when things go wrong. Tech in the retail space must be about making experiences seamless throughout the journey. Perhaps when that happens, we’ll see less volatility in the industry.

While the current narrative largely bewails the “retail apocalypse,” experts should not be so quick to blame e-Commerce, and retailers must shake off psychological bruising from past economic downturns.

If we’re going to point blame for retail woes, we must consider the oversaturation of stores in the U.S. and the fact that, on the whole, stores have not offered the level of engagement customers are seeking.

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Why You Need to Start Thinking About Holiday 2018 Now

Posted by Maya Mikhailov on Feb 13, 2018 3:58:47 PM

Originally published in Total Retail
Written by Maya Mikhailov, CMO and Co-Founder of GPShopper

During the 2017 holiday shopping season, retailers saw a 5.5 percent increase in sales from the previous year. Now that the holiday crush has come and gone, most executives are busy celebrating a huge jump over the prior year, and consumers are still dizzy from another whirlwind shopping season with delayed shipments and missing packages.

The battle for the relevance and convenience that keeps customers coming through the physical or proverbial door didn't pause for Christmas dinner. In an even less certain 2018, retailers must reflect and recalibrate quickly to succeed.

The Logistics and Shipping Headache Will Only Get Worse in 2018

This past holiday season, a majority of consumers spent up to 15 hours shopping for gifts. And despite the fact that they’ve spent tons of time with their favorite retailers instead of their favorite family members, there are still major mishaps that retailers have been unable to fix.

While online and mobile shopping boast to be the solution to avoiding overcrowded stores, a third of shoppers still reported paying extra for shipping and ultimately not receiving their gifts on time. This year, many retailers tried to solve this issue by setting shipping deadlines earlier, but with delays from the likes of UPS as early as Black Friday, even bumping up deadlines wasn’t enough to guarantee delivery by the holiday. Thirty-five percent of shoppers reported placing their orders by the deadline, yet they still didn't receive their gift in time, which seems pretty unbelievable when we’ve figured out tech solutions for everything from personal shoppers and chatbots to checkout kiosks.

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Huffington Post: No More Door Busters

Posted by Maya Mikhailov on Nov 23, 2016 1:13:11 PM

Article in Huffington Post
Written by Maya Mikhailov

Americans are more likely to be hitting the snooze button this Friday than getting up and in line for Black Friday door busters. The 71 percent of consumers sleeping with their smartphones under their pillow don’t need to go any further than the breakfast table for a good deal this year. Why go to the mall when they can go to their mobile devices for all their holiday sales needs?

The holiday shopping season is about to officially kick off and most consumers aren’t even going to wait until their Thanksgiving meals are over to tap into all the promotions lighting up their smartphones. Instead of door busters, they’re going to be looking for screen busters. In fact, in 2015, GPShopper’s clients saw a 241 percent increase in visits to their app and a nearly 400 percent revenue increase on Thanksgiving Day. After a year of steady mobile retail growth in general, it’s hard to ignore this shifting trend that favors phones over physical stores on what has become the biggest shopping day of the year.

Smart retailers aren’t glazing over this evolving trend either. In fact, they’re shifting their strategies to match consumer behavior, knowing the opportunity to reach shoppers now lies with Thanksgiving day itself rather than Black Friday and officially embracing the earlier start to the shopping season.

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