Consumers Not Ready for Facial Recognition; Curious About 'Scan & Go'

Posted by Lauren Hand on May 31, 2018 1:00:00 PM
Lauren Hand

At NRF's 2018 Big Show, technology like facial recognition and ‘Scan & Go’ shopping capabilities were at the forefront of the retail conversation. But consumer perception of this tech is mixed. Nearly half (49%) of shoppers do not think facial recognition will improve their shopping experience, but, conversely, nearly half (48%) of shoppers agree that ‘Scan & Go’ will make shopping easier.


GPShopper's latest consumer research uncovered not only consumer receptiveness of retail personalization trends, but also how they want these tactics employed during their shopping experiences.

Although consumers are increasingly becoming aware of the technology integrated into their shopping experiences, they are not embracing all of it. When discussing facial recognition, 45 percent of shoppers said they would be concerned about their privacy should it be used. Consumers are more positive toward ‘Scan & Go’ technology – nearly half (44%) would rather use ‘Scan & Go’ than wait in a check-out line. 

Consumers see a use for both technologies, but within specific industries. Nearly a third of shoppers (30%) think facial recognition would be helpful when shopping for beauty products, and shoppers find ‘Scan & Go’ a fit for grocery stores with half (50%) saying they would use it while shopping.

Scan & Go

Overall, consumers see ‘Scan & Go’ useful for a wider array of industries: 

  • 30 percent of shoppers would use ‘Scan & Go’ when shopping for home goods
  • 27 percent would use ‘Scan & Go’ when shopping for fashion
  • 25 percent would use ‘Scan & Go’ when shopping for beauty/cosmetics
  • 21 percent would use ‘Scan & Go’ when shopping for sports & outdoors
  • 20 percent would use ‘Scan & Go’ when shopping for automotive/car supplies

Maya2017-Circle-1“Retail technology innovation is not slowing down. As the industry is navigating new consumer behaviors and preferences, technology companies are waiting in the wings, ready to offer solutions. But, as we’ve continually uncovered, shoppers won’t adopt a technology unless it provides convenience,” said Maya Mikhailov, co-founder and CMO of GPShopper. “Retailers should look before they leap when approaching of-the-moment tech trends – especially with technology around facial recognition as shoppers have made it clear they just aren’t on board yet. Rather, they must prioritize an omnichannel approach that satisfies shopper’s demand for personalized convenience first and foremost.” 


While shoppers are undecided on technology like facial recognition and excited for ‘Scan & Go’, there are a number of personalized perks they aren’t willing to compromise on. Shoppers desire deeper levels of personalization from retailers, providing retailers an opportunity to adjust mobile strategy to best serve customer needs:

  • 48 percent of shoppers want retailers to offer personalized coupons for the types of items they often buy
  • 42 percent want alerts for clearance sales where they only shop the sale rack
  • 38 percent want individual promotions on specific items they’ve been eyeing for a while
  • 31 percent want personalized reminders of what day/times items they buy will be going on sale (in-store OR online)
  • 20 percent want suggestions for items similar to what they’ve left in their cart
  • 17 percent wish retailers would promote flash sales at a time when they’re not busy i.e. lunch break, after work hours

Shoppers reveal how they want retailers to personalize their marketing.

Research Methodology

GPShopper commissioned YouGov PLC — a third party, professional research and consulting organization — to poll the views of 1,140 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between March 2-5, 2018. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all US adults (aged 18+).

Download the Survey Results



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