Consumers Not Ready for Facial Recognition; Curious About 'Scan & Go'

Posted by Lauren Hand on May 31, 2018 1:00:00 PM

At NRF's 2018 Big Show, technology like facial recognition and ‘Scan & Go’ shopping capabilities were at the forefront of the retail conversation. But consumer perception of this tech is mixed. Nearly half (49%) of shoppers do not think facial recognition will improve their shopping experience, but, conversely, nearly half (48%) of shoppers agree that ‘Scan & Go’ will make shopping easier.

GPShopper's latest consumer research uncovered not only consumer receptiveness of retail personalization trends, but also how they want these tactics employed during their shopping experiences.

Although consumers are increasingly becoming aware of the technology integrated into their shopping experiences, they are not embracing all of it. When discussing facial recognition, 45 percent of shoppers said they would be concerned about their privacy should it be used. Consumers are more positive toward ‘Scan & Go’ technology – nearly half (44%) would rather use ‘Scan & Go’ than wait in a check-out line. 

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Crate and Barrel Case Study: Furnishing a Successful Mobile App Strategy

Posted by Jocelyn Schoolsky on May 18, 2018 8:00:00 AM

In 2016, Crate and Barrel knew it wanted to enhance its omnichannel experience by expanding its registry app into shopping. With average consumers spending three hours a day on their mobile devices and 51% of purchases being made in-app, the retailer knew it had a real opportunity to expand the breadth of how the app could support more customers. 

While every digital channel is important, app shoppers typically makeup the top 10% of a retailer's customer base but account for 50% of overall revenue. 

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Tillys Mobile App: A Whole New Game for Retailers 

Posted by Lauren Hand on Feb 28, 2018 10:00:00 AM

In Summer 2017, Tillys teamed up with GPShopper to relaunch its mobile app. The buzz surrounding the relaunch was massive thanks to a scavenger hunt that utilized augmented reality (AR) to encourage consumers — particularly young ones — to engage with the brand. 

The retailer joined forces with YouTube influencer Shonduras on a back-to-school campaign. The goal? To boost in-store traffic by combining AR, social media, influencer marketing and gamification through digital elements. Shonduras, who has more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube, hosted the contest and provided in-app hints to participants about where they could find and collect virtual coins in-store.

The campaign demonstrated how retailers can use smartphone technology to draw consumers into stores, motivating offline behavior with an online initiative and bridging the digital and physical shopping experience.

Learn how Tillys achieved omnichannel success.

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Demandware Report: Mobile Shopping Focus

Posted by Lauren Hand on Jul 27, 2016 9:30:00 AM

Demandware has published a new report to help retailers usher in a dramatically better mobile shopping experience, looking deeper into shopper activity on mobile, to the elements that define a winning mobile commerce strategy.

The Mobile Shopping report reveals actionable insights from 400 million shoppers, providing retailers with insights into today’s mobile shopper. 

In addition, the report features multiple case studies exploring how leaders in retail, such as Jo-Ann Fabrics & Craft Stores, approach mobile shopping.

How Jo-Ann Uses a Mobile App to Engage Shoppers Across Channels

A key area of differentiation between mobile web and native app is function and shopper experience. Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores worked with GPShopper to develop a mobile app that is not only supremely functional but also offers its customers a unique experience and benefits distinct from its other channels. Indeed, other retailers have noted that mobile apps make the most sense How Jo-Ann when they offer shoppers exclusive features and benefits.

“The Jo-Ann app is an exceptional example of the omnichannel promise; the app can really help consumers at home, on the go and in-store,” says Alex Muller, CEO, GPShopper.

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Best Practices for Marketing Your Mobile App

Posted by Lauren Hand on Jan 29, 2016 8:30:00 AM

In the past two years, lagging retailers and brand have learned the hard way of the importance of having multichannel reach. Retail has indeed shifted to a buyers market.

Today’s consumers are educated and pressed for time, leaving them armed with higher expectations. They perceive customer personalization, by way of an app, as a definite sign of value and respect. A small price to pay for such dedicated brand loyalty. 

Securing a long-standing position in this digital retail world requires a multichannel strategy, specifically offering one or more mobile commerce apps. So, you've hired your mobile app developers, stocked it with the best and brightest mobile app features, even added integrations with your loyalty provider and e-commerce engine

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