App of the Week: MindBody

Posted by Kimberly Cafarelli on Jul 6, 2016 9:30:00 AM

MindBody1.pngThe MindBody app works as a concierge for health and wellness services. There are endless ways to use this app, and it varies by what the user is looking to get out of it.

There are a few features of the app that keep me coming back. The Explore page searches and shows me a plethora of local classes and services around me. Second, is the convenience of being able to shop, reserve and schedule all of my fitness classes and wellness services in one place.

One of the most valuable components of this app is that I can browse for a variety of classes and services within the app. I can choose from Fitness, Wellness or Beauty. Fitness has just about every class and activity you can think of, to name a few: Pilates, Barre, Cross Fit, MMA, Personal Training – and the list goes on.MindBody2.png

On the Wellness and Beauty pages, I can book appointments for hair blow-outs, mani / pedis, waxes, massages, acupuncture, reflexology and a handful of other well-being services in the area. Once I choose what I want to do, the app will search around my zip code and show me plenty of classes to choose from. For example, if I want to go to a Pilates class, the app will display different studios within and around my zip code. I can see the all of the classes that studio offers and what classes have availability. It even goes as far as to provide how other users have rated the class. From there, I can book and pay for the service through the app. Once I book a class, that company is added my Favorites page which makes it’s easy to go back and re-book/buy more classes.

The MindBody app saves my upcoming schedule on my homepage, I’m able to see my next appointment when I open the app. To make it even more user friendly, when I book a class or service, the app gives me the option to link the class to the calendar on my phone. Being able to add my classes into my calendar essentially puts my itinerary (MindBody or not) in one place. When the appointment goes into my calendar, it automatically adds in the address and time so I don’t have to go search for the location on the company’s website or on Google.

It’s truly a one stop shop for everything health and wellness related.



Written by Kimberly Cafarelli
NYC Office Manager, GPShopper 





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