Building your Loyalty Program to Increase Holiday Sales

Posted by Lauren Hand on Sep 9, 2015 8:28:42 AM
Lauren Hand

Your app users are self-selecting as your most loyal customers. Their average order value is greater, they shop more often, they even spend more in-store.

Offering an official loyalty program only enhances these benefits to your brand. And smart retailers are leveraging their mobile app capabilities to offer the consumer benefits of a loyalty program the way their shoppers prefer it - digitally. In fact:

  • 88% of businesses with a mobile loyalty program are more profitable
  • A 5% increase in loyalty members results in 25% increased revenue
  • 64% of customers visit businesses with mobile reward programs more frequently
  • 6 in 10 users would switch brands if it meant getting more benefits

Implementing a digital loyalty program will play a huge role in increasing your holiday revenue and traffic, both in-app and in-store.

Need some help getting started? Here are four ways to drive customer loyalty using mobile:

  1. Ditch the plastic.
    No one wants their wallet overflowing with cards, whether loyalty or credit. Integrate your app with a mobile payment system that allows customers to both access their rewards and check out with a tap of a button. Allow your customer to reorder a product or access their account details without having to reenter their banking or shipping details each time they use your app.
  1. E-mail is out. Push is in.
    To remain top-of-mind, it’s essential that you continually engage with your customer – but you must do this in a way that’s easiest for them. Rather than camouflage your communication in an inundated inbox, app alerts keep customers informed of promotions, events, and new features or offerings.

    Push notifications based on the time of day go a long way, too. Approaching the end of the workday? Inform your customers about the happy hour specials you’ve got on tap tonight. With a little creativity, your personalized approach will increase customer satisfaction and commitment to your brand.
  1. Location, location, location.
    Your location is your biggest asset. There are many technologies today that let retailers leverage their physical presence to attract and retain customers. Capitalize on your location to better target your SEO efforts. You might also consider setting geofences around your store, business, or specific neighborhoods to drive the customer through your doors or merely provide them with location-sensitive messaging.
  1. Simple Self-Segmenting.
    Loyalty doesn’t have to be difficult or overly sophisticated. Take Lunds and Byerly’s. They’ve created special interest groups like a Wine Club, which educates members about new and existing wine products, offers them discounts on those products, and holds members-only tasting events in the store. Programs like this give customers the power to tell the retailer how they want to be marketed to. Handing consumers the reigns increases their sense of value and keeps them coming back.
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