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Posted by GPShopper on Mar 27, 2015 11:00:00 AM

When we think about location-based technology, our minds associate this with the outdoors. We think about how traditional GPS help us navigate to our destination with maps or can locate a lost phone. In the retail space, we think about a consumer on the go. We think about triggering a push notification at the right time for a proximity offer, or showing events nearby to drive in-store traffic. But location-based technology is making its way indoors and providing consumers with a valuable in-store experience, acting as mobile store associates. 


Big box stores have been taking advantage of location-based features in app to give consumers the ability to find what they are looking for, known as wayfinding. Last holiday season, Target launched interactive in-store map that work similarly as navigation maps. The map drops a pin where an item is located and assists consumers to find what they need. The app’s other features seamlessly integrate with in-store way finding, like building shopping lists that help you locate products in the right aisle, and the ability to find products as consumers shop the store. 

Retail apps with store mode see 5x more interactions than those without. Shoppers that engage in store mode are twice as likely to engage with location-based offerings than those who do not. Walmart continues to successfully navigate the gap between digital and in-store experiences. Walmart’s search my store function allows consumers to search real-time inventory for the location where they are. It returns not only search results with pricing and product details, but also where these products can be found in store. This innovation in location-based technology gives consumers the ability to not only navigate a large store, but discover products they might not otherwise have found. 

The next time you think about location, think about the possibilities in store. Wayfinding and new location-based technology is giving consumers a store associate in their hands, and can help them remove the barrier of finding what they want to buy. 


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