Using Chatbots to Power Hard Good Sales

Posted by Elizabeth Hoffman on Mar 16, 2017 4:06:55 PM
Elizabeth Hoffman

Hard Good Retailer.pngThere's a lot of new fancy technology in retail these days - with retailers attempting to outdo each other with new gadgets, virtual reality tools and more - but what do consumers of hard goods really want?

We polled over 1,100 American shoppers to learn what consumers really want from their shopping experience and how they engage with new retail tech offerings.  

Retailers that sell hard goods, such as power tools, have to make sure that the technology they are adopting makes sense for their customers. Not all tech is created equal - so we've put together an outline below based on our research on what works best.


1. Chatbots

The study also found that 54% of customers want to use chatbots as a customer service tool and 45% want to use chatbots for deal alerts. This is perfect for online retailers selling hard good items priced at over $100, since at that price point, consumers may want some additional assurances before they proceed to purchase. If a customer knows they need a power drill and they've been shopping around for one  - they may have questions they need answered before purchasing, especially online. Using chatbots to provide this service reassures the customer and allows the retailer the chance to 'save the sale' for customers that are teetering between a couple of different options. 

Chatbots for Customer Service.png2. Virtual Assistants

Retailers that help consumers with home improvement projects are uniquely positioned to use virtual assistants (VA) to help their stores and consumers. However, consumers that were surveyed want VA for specific uses. 47% want to be alerted for deals on products they buy frequently and 32% want to receive product recommendations - which fits in nicely with any retailer looking to sell hard good items, such as tools.


Imagine what the use of chatbots and virtual assistants could do for your business. Download the full Reality of Retail Tech report by clicking on the link below.

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